The Energy and Development Project is concerned with non-electrified areas in least developed countries. Energy poverty is a problem that mostly affects the poorest members and regions of society. The lack of usable energy often paralyses the economy, making development and modern production almost impossible. Provisioning electricity promotes education by enabling children to read and study after nightfall, and cooking with electricity prevents the continuous inhalation of toxic gases from fossil fuels, which might lead to serious diseases.

Guided by our team of experts from different fields and external consultants, students have a share in poverty eradication by developing and implementing primary microgrid solutions for such cases. As a part of their work, students experience a project work situation during their time in college and practise central qualifications important for their later career.


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Mar 13, 2016

The teaching page has been updated for the upcomming Summer Term 2016 and registration has been opened.

Sep 28th, 2015

A summary of the the project in the Summer Term 2015 has been uploaded. Follow this link to take a look at it. Information for the upcomming term has been updated completely, including the new poster.