Current and completed

Energy and Development Project Lab

Time: 2015 - 2017
Location: Berlin, Germany
Funded by: Comission for Study and Teaching, TU Berlin

Initial EADP came into being as a project lab, i.e. a university course with a project-based approach and a usable outcome. The project lab was awarded a grant by the TU Berlin’s Commission for Studies and Teaching (LSK) under the support of TU Berlin’s KUBUS at the Centre for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation (ZEWK) as part of the initiatives for innovative learning and the promotion of economically sustainable and socially beneficial projects.

Case-based work Yemen

Time: Not limitted
Location: Yemen

More info updated soon.

Greening Africa Together

Time: 2016 - 2019
Locations: Senegal, Benin, Congo, Turkey
Funded by: BMZ / DAAD

EADP is responsible for the Berlin-bound management of Greening Africa together. The project is an international cooperation between numerous NGOs, universities, and businesses that seeks to implement local energy and water projects in African and Asian partner countries in connection with the organisation of summer schools on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

More info updated soon.

Case-based work Lebanon

Time: Not limitted
Location: Lebanon

More info updated soon.