Solar Water Heaters for the Lebanese Town Machmoucheh
January 28, 2018
EADP Assistent Director Pascale Harb at the event. © EADP
Panel discussion at the event. © EADP

EADP Organises the Symposium “Decentralised Energy Systems in the Arab World - Challenges and ‎Chances”‎

We hosted our first symposium on “Decentralised Energy Systems in the Arab World - Challenges ‎and Chances” on 27 Oct 2017 at TU Berlin. EADP director Hashem al-Kuhlani and assistant director ‎Pascale Harb invited the audience to a journey through the technological, social, economic, and ‎political aspects of decentral energy. The event featured a distinguished panel of speakers, ‎including H.E. Dr Yahya Al-Shaibi, the Ambassador of Yemen to Germany, academic experts (Dr ‎Rashad Badawi; Ammar Al-Shameri), and experienced professionals (Ahmed Sayed - Solar World; ‎Hektor Alfaro - Energypedia; Samer Fashiko - Greening Africa Together). An intense panel session ‎discussed which barriers can be overcome quickly and which ones will prove more persistent. ‎

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