Welcome to the Energy Access and Development Program

EADP is a Berlin-based start-up organisation that uses an interdisciplinary and interinstitutional approach towards energy access and related issues in the Middle East. We work in close collaboration with partners from all relevant sectors and teach at multiple universities based on our work.

The Energy Access and Development Program is concerned with energy poverty in least developed countries, particularly the Middle East. Current work focusses on Lebanon and Yemen. The issue mostly affects the poorest members and regions of society, and it provides an obstacle to social and economic development as well as human well-being. Combatting energy-poverty requires a participatory, sustainable, and holistic approach.

We work on a broad set of issues and within different frameworks. This involves project work for rural electrification, design and dissemination of relevant information material and engineering tools, teaching, policy advise, and interdisciplinary research (engineering, economics, policy). To fulfil these aims, we work in close collaboration with an international network of representatives from public, academic, and private sector.



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