The Energy Access and Development Program (EADP) a is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that links international development toengineering, scientific research, networking, consulting, and advisory. As such, EADP is an interdisciplinary think tank that engages in the academic and political discourse but also a member of the international civil society that acts on the field and implements sustainable development projects.

Headquartered in the context of the German capital, smart-city Berlin, the program builds a permanent bridge between Europe and the wider Middle East, especially Yemen, Turkey, and Lebanon. Its members reflect diversity in ethnicity and profession , have an international background, and mostly from the region. Our team of experts ranges from economists to engineers and includes policy analysts as well as community specialists. This heterogeneity allows EADP to engage in and push the boundaries between fields, countries, and institutions.

The provision of affordable and clean energy access is one of our main goals. Energy poverty haunts low-income areas in various ways and with devastating consequences. The lack of modern energy (infrastructure) is not only an obstacle to economic activity but it has a direct effect on human well-being. Substitutes, such as diesel and traditional biomass, are not only insufficient but they create intense dangers to residents’ health, espeically women and children. Clean energy access pushes forward health, education, economy, and social development.

Yet, we understand sustainable development as a holistic process. As backed by the UN definition of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, change is required in all dimensions and includes technology, economics, policy, society, and culture. Therefore, EADP’s engagement is by no means limited to energy and engineering, but it aims at multiple levels and various complimentary angles. Besides including connected sectors, such as water, health, natural resources, and governance, we offer a broad range of services in line with our goals:

• Interdisciplinary, applied research & analyses • Consultancy & advisory • Teaching & training • Integrated design and implementation of technical solutions (esp. off-grid design) • Production and dissemination of information material • Assistance and quality assurance in development cooperation • Awareness-raising & advocating sustainable development • Networking & dialogue facilitation

Initially founded in 2015 as Energy and Development Project – part of Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin) –, EADP was rebranded with its current name in late 2016. Since 2018, EADP belongs to the list of charitable organisations recognised by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Rural communities, distinct from urban areas in many regards, are a core topic for EADP. Besides obvious differences in socioeconomics, idiosyncrasies in culture and economics shape an environment that many international parties fail to acknowledge in their work. Informal networks and low hierarchies in local governance offer new possibilities. Likewise, low population density and remoteness make new approaches and technologies a necessity to guarantee efficiency and effectivity.

Technical work is based on a participatory approach, where bottom-up is not only a buzzword but an integral concept: Surveys and continuous contact ensure that beneficiaries receive the services they require and consider themselves an active part of a project. Also, this promotes social development and civic responsibility for society and infrastructure. Corresponding to this, EADP supports sustainable, self-financing, and comprehensive solutions.

Equally, we stand for inclusive approaches as impactful projects and stable (civil) societies require collaboration and cooperation between all relevant stakeholders. Therefore, we bridge between local population and authorities, national governments, private companies, international organisations, and academia.

The academic sector holds a special role for EADP: We work closely with research institutes and universities, particularly on teaching and training in relevant areas. We aim to offer students chances to explore the area of energy in development by including graduate students into our projects: Future scientists, engineers, and analysts can receive training-on-the-job and our projects profit from innovation and fresh thinking.

Innovation at EADP is not only a matter of the unique combination between engineering non-profit and think tank, but also when it comes to methods. Our members are proficient in cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative methods, including mathematical programming, machine-learning, and multi-criteria assessment, ensuring highest standards in design and analysis.

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