Video - Keynote address:
EADP Ramadan Charity Banquet 05 / 24 / 2019


Video - Symposium :
Decentralised Energy Systems in the Arab World - Challenges and Chances

(in Arabic)
Intro & Universal Energy Access - Empirics & Numbers (Hashem al-Kuhlani, EADP)
Energy in Yemen between past and future (H.E. Dr. Yahia Al-Shaibi, Embassy of Yemen)
Current state of the energy sector in Lebanon (Pascal Harb, EADP)
The role of digitalisation in future energy systems: smart grids (Dr. Rashad Badawi, Aswan University)
Off-grid systems (Ahmed Sayed, Solar World)
Bioenergy: Are there decentralised applications? (Ammar Al-Shameri)
Spreading knowledge for bottom-up energy access (Hektor Alfaro, Energypedia)
African cooperation in energy solutions (Samer Fashiko, GATo)
Rural development and the role of decentralised energy systems (Pascal Harb, EADP)
Energy future in the arab world: What is the role of the citizen? (Panel Discussion)
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