On a continuous basis, we offer the integrated course “Energy and Development Project” at TU Berlin, School of Energy Engineering, Energy Systems Dept. It has an interdisciplinary orientation and puts equal emphasis on scientific lectures and hands-on parts. The course starts with a series of lectures on different aspects of energy in development and rural electrification. Subsequently, students form groups and contribute to our overall work on a project basis. The course aims to teach students both crucial knowledge for a later career in applied energy and development cooperation as well as it prepares students for working in project / team environments. .

The course starts with a series of lectures on relevant topics (energy in development and energy access policies, small-scale energy engineering, finance and quantitative methods), followed by the project phase, involving weekly meetings and individual group work until the break. Successful completion of the course is awarded with 6 ECTS (graded) upon passing all required examinations, i.e.

  • Mid-term exam
  • Project work and presentations
  • Final report

Mainly, the course is tailored for students of engineering (energy, electrical, mechanical, biological), economics, earth sciences, development, and methodological subjects (computer science, mathematics). The course is also open to students from all other fields who are interested in the issue and can contribute to the project topics. There are no specific pre-requisites for the course, although a solid background in energy, undergraduate mathematics, programming languages, and statistics will be helpful (yet not required). The course is on graduate level, but advanced bachelor's students are eligible too (although the workload may be higher as the course bases on the application and communication of knowledge from each one’s field).

Find below the offering for the upcoming term. If you are interested in the course, please pre-register via email (registration(at)eadp.eu) including your matriculation number and program of study.

WS 2018 / 19
This semester, the course will be offered in a series of single block events over the semester (dates TBA). The first session will be on 24th Oct. Please contact us for registration.

If the number of applicants exceeds our capacities, we will basically draw lots. Since the project needs students from various fields of study, we may reserve some slots for students with a specific background. We highly encourage students of electrical engineering to join.

Updated course description

Teaching and training are integral parts of EADP as to equip researchers, engineers, policy-makers, and financers with crucial knowledge on energy in development. Please contact us if you are planning to organise a related course offering or training and wish our expertise or teaching.

EADP TU-Berlin
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