From Destruction to Innovation – EADP Study Shows How War Impacts Hospital Energy Supply
March 9, 2022
EADP Director Dawud Ansari during a talk about coffee and sustainable development © EADP
Impressions from the event © EADP

EADP co-organises the 1st Yemeni Coffee Day in Germany‎

Yemeni coffee has a stable reputation as one of the world's finest coffees. A high altitude, dry weather conditions, and mountainous air establish its exotic and intense flavours. While 19th-century Yemen was the world's primary source of coffee, today's Yemen is not even among the Top 50 global suppliers. Decades of mismanagement and hardship have side-lined coffee production, despite the country's dire need for a sustainable export industry.

On October 1, 2022, EADP hosted Germany's 1st Yemeni Coffee Day in Berlin Mitte. The event, co-organised by the German-Yemeni Association Berlin-Brandenburg (JGBB), allowed roughly 1,000 people to taste original Yemeni coffee—roasted by local start-ups—, enjoy traditional live music, and relax in a Yemeni Diwan. Moreover, visitors could discover the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda: a poster exhibition and a series of expert talks discussing issues of development, Yemen, and its coffee production. The event received support from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

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