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October 2, 2022
EADP Announces Workshop Series on Collaborative Solutions for Local Energy ‎Access in Conflict-Affected Areas
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EADP Announces Workshop Series on Collaborative Solutions for Local Energy ‎Access in Conflict-Affected Areas‎

The Energy Access and Development Program (EADP) is excited to announce an interactive ‎workshop series dedicated to examining how various stakeholders can collaborate to devise ‎innovative solutions and strategies for achieving sustainable energy access on the local level ‎in conflict-affected areas. Recent events have demonstrated the devastating impact of conflicts ‎on energy, water, and health systems, emphasizing the need for collaborative and innovative ‎‎(off-grid) solutions to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for ‎all.‎

This workshop series will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including ‎businesses, policymakers, NGOs, development agencies, academics, civil society, and local ‎authorities. Participants will explore the energy-conflict nexus, discuss development policy ‎recommendations, and collaborate on cross-sectoral approaches to achieving sustainable off-‎grid energy solutions in vulnerable regions.‎

Building on EADP’s extensive work both in research and on the ground, project KiKi ("Kritische Infrastruktur in Krisen: Lokale Perspektiven auf die Rolle von Energie in Kriegen und Konflikten") aims to emphasize the importance of maintaining and rebuilding energy infrastructure in ‎conflict-affected areas, while fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among ‎stakeholders. By focusing on local solutions, the series will empower participants to develop ‎targeted strategies for achieving the seventh Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 7) and ‎support sustainable development in these vulnerable areas.‎

The workshop series, hosted by EADP and supported by the German Institute for ‎International and Security Affairs (SWP), is funded by Engagement Global and the German ‎Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.‎

Stay tuned for more information on this important workshop series, including event dates and ‎registration details. Together, we can work towards creating a brighter and more sustainable ‎future for conflict-affected regions through innovative off-grid energy solutions.‎

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