Swarm Grids for Yemen – New EADP Discussion Paper Shows the Benefits of Local Power Grids
July 23, 2018
EADP celebrates its achievements with friends and donors at the Ramadan Charity Banquet
May 24, 2019
Participants during the scenario generation. © EADP
Participants cluster the results of a structured strainstorming. © EADP

Experts Foresee the Future of Sustainable Development in Yemen at EADP / DIW Berlin Workshop

EADP and DIW Berlin hosted an expert scenario development workshop on 11 March 2019. A ‎distinguished group of academics, diplomats, and development and energy professionals moved ‎through a four-stage scenario foresight process. They investigated the complex links, interactions, ‎and interdependencies between the different factors, actors, trends, and events that shape ‎change.‎

The workshop, entitled “How today’s uncertainties shape tomorrow’s world: Exploring future ‎Yemens”, focussed on asking how future sustainable development in Yemen will depend on ‎current developments. The workshop allowed the participants to learn from each other and ‎understand conflicting and opposing viewpoints. The process resulted in four initial scenarios, ‎which will provide the basis for an upcoming EADP policy brief. It will help decision-makers in ‎Yemen to consider a wide range of factors when dealing with energy and development. ‎

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